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Loki T-Shirt Design.

Alright guys, so I did it. I designed the kneeling bitch t-shirt. It has not been brought into life yet, but this is what it will probably look like.

Now here is what I’m thinking:

I want to do all of the Avengers in this style and make them into t-shirts, however, I want it to be kind of like a series. Something along the lines of “The Suggestive Avengers Initiative”. I want them all to have an underlying sexual message, but not. Do you know what I mean?

So now my dilemma is the fact that I’m not a writer and trying to think of slogans for the back of the other shirts is like banging my head against a brick wall. So here is my proposal:

If you are skilled in being witty and want to help out a non-witty person, if/when they are printed I will make sure you get credit on the shirts description online and I will ship one to you if you so wish. Drop your ideas into my ask box as I will probably miss them if you just reply to this post. Savvy?

Thank bunches guys!

Also, if there is anything you think I can change on the design, feel free to throw those ideas my way as well. Might as well do it before it’s printed!

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